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There ain’t no party like a Corpse Party and, come next week, the second game in the cringe-inducing, haunted school horror series, Book of Shadows will be available for download through the PlayStation Network.

Based on the popular manga and anime by the same name, Corpse Party sees a group of young students transported to a dark dimension within Heavenly Host Elementary Student, where the spirits of the countless students and teachers who have died there are eager to welcome their new guests. Sadly, there’s a pretty good chance these newcomers will be joining the ghostly ranks thanks to violent spirits, horrible curses, deadly traps and the like.

While the first Corpse Party adopted a top down, old school look that contrasted nicely with the game’s gruesome events and terrifying setting, Book of Shadows will place players in the shoes of the game’s protagonists in a spooky first-person view. That should certainly make it more difficult to detach yourself from what’s happening on screen. Get ready to fling your handheld console across the room every time a ghost decides to materialize and try to murder you!

XSEED handled the port for Book of Shadows and announced its upcoming U.S. release through the PlayStation Blog. While Book of Shadows is a PSP game, the publishers promise it will be playable on the Vita when the digital version of the game launches next week. Look for Corpse Party: Book of Shadows on PSN next Tuesday, Jan. 15, for $19.99.