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Looking for some awesome gaming peripherals? Well, you probably never imagined that you might be able to find exactly what you need from Corsair...yes, Corsair. Probably best known for their hardware peripherals, the company will become a competitive force in the US and Germany with their gaming peripherals.

So what kind of gaming gear can you expect from Corsair? Well, how about a new line of Vengeance Gamingboards and Raptor Boards; keyboards designed to help you kick the living crap out of the competition, whether it be some never-miss-a-shot AI, or an annoying macro-spewing human from half-way across the world. The Corsair brand of customizable keyboards will help elevate your gaming skill beyond the standard $2 crap that usually comes with store-bought PCs.

Ruben Mookerjee, Vice President and General Manager of the Peripherals Business Unit at Corsair commented about the series of products available to gamers, saying...
"Together, our Corsair Raptor and Corsair Vengeance series products provide gamers with a diverse arsenal of gaming peripherals to choose from and an increasing number of local and online retail locations where they can purchase them,"

In addition to keyboards, there's also the availability of mouse pads, mice and headsets, each from the Raptor and Vengenace line and in a variety of price ranges, enabling you to pick and choose from some snazzy looking gear that doesn't entirely break your bank.

And holy snaps do the mice look badass. If you wanted something similar to BMW's M9 gaming mouse but didn't want to belt out $100, you can grab Corsair's equally sexy mice from the Vengeance line starting as low as $79.99. Now, you can't really beat that if you're looking for a high-grade peripheral that isn't too expensive.

You can learn more about Corsair's line-up of gaming goods by visiting the Official Website.