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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's closed beta was supposed to start in October but didn't. Valve decided to delay it due to feedback they received from professional gamers who were given early access.

Valve's Chet Faliszek said in a video interview with retired professional CS players Kyle "Ksharp" Miller and Ronald "Rambo" Kim that once they fix the bugs spotted by the early access testers, they'll grow the closed beta slowly. They plan to start the beta with 10,000 testers. One or two maps will be available during this period.

"The biggest thing of those first 10,000 is we have to look at percentage of crashes. You can argue with us on bullet-spray patterns and all kind of things, but crashes? There's really no argument for that. It shouldn't be happening," said Faliszek.

Valve will be taking a "slow and steady" approach for the game's ultimate release date, too. CS: GO was initially slated for early 2012 but now that sounds a little less certain.

"And then when does it end?" said Faliszek. "When the community tells us. It ends when it's ready. We have no mandate from anybody of when we have to ship this. So we're more than happy to just keep working on this 'til it's ready to ship. By the end of this, everyone will be playing the game - it will be the released game that you're just playing. Then, at some point, we'll say, 'OK we're going to release it.'"

CS: GO, a Counter-Terrorists vs. Terrorists multiplayer game, features updated versions of old maps as well as brand new locales. New game modes, weapons and characters are also included. The PS3, PC, and Mac versions will support cross-platform multiplayer. You can check out some gameplay footage here.

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