Today Microsoft announced details on the upcoming "Deluge" downloadable content for Crackdown 2. The new multiplayer content will hit Xbox Live on November 16th.

"Deluge" adds a new co-op mode of the same name. Four players work together to survive against waves of enemies. The other big feature of the DLC pack is Capture the Orb mode, a 16-player "Capture the Flag" style experience.

The "Deluge" DLC, which also includes new Achievements and Avatar awards, will cost 560 MS Points ($7). There will also be a trial version that can be downloaded for no charge. The trial version has the Capture the Orb mode as well as a single-player version of Deluge.

This new content will also feature integration between the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7. Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst is a tower defense game coming to Windows Phone 7 in November. Accomplishments in Sunburst will earn you power-ups and better Agency back-up in Crackdown 2. Similarly, your endeavors in Crackdown 2 will unlock weapon upgrades in Sunburst.

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