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Today a possible first image from the Creative Assembly's upcoming Alien game. Will the game be able to wash out the bad taste left by Aliens: Colonial Marines?

The screenshot, spotted in a picture of Creative Assembly's studio by AvPGalaxy, appears to show a test dummy. The dummy has a t-shirt with a Nostromo logo. The Nostromo was the ship seen in the film Alien. AvPGalaxy's sources say that the studio created a prototype video depicting the medical bay of the ship.

Creative Assembly's Alien game was announced in May 2011. It's said to be an action game. However, the fact that it's based on the suspenseful Alien film rather than the action movie Aliens suggests it won't just be a straightforward shoot 'em up.

The release date for CA's Alien game is currently unknown and so are the platforms. The lack of information released thus far suggests it probably won't be out in this console generation, though.