Crysis 3's open beta has launched, offering gamers a glimpse at the shooter's multiplayer experience. The beta is live on the Xbox 360 and PC and will come to the PS3 later in the day.

Like previous games in the series, Crysis 3 suits up players in cutting edge nanotech armor. This armor can give them superhuman strength or let them shrug off bullets. They can even become invisible. The different options provided by the suit allow for different playstyles and tactics.

By earning XP in multiplayer, players can unlock new modules to further modify their suit. They'll also earn new weapons and attachments. Players can progress up to rank 10 in the beta. There's no mention of whether this progress will carry over to the full version, so presumably it won't.

Players will be able to test out two maps and two game modes in the beta. Crash Site mode tasks players with capturing and defending alien drop pods. In Hunter mode, permanently cloaked players will hunt down the opposing teams. Consult the tutorial video for more details on each mode.

The beta also features a new social feature called the New York Feed. The Feed will announce players accomplishments to their friends. The service features new dynamic challenges to pursue as well.

The Crysis 3 PC beta isn't being conducted through Steam. Instead, EA is holding it through their own digital store, Origin. Head here to get started.

Crysis 3's open beta will run until February 12th. At that point, Crytek will shut down the servers in preparation for the game's launch. The full version will hit North America on February 19th and Europe on the 21st.

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