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In Crysis 3, Prophet won't be the only one wearing stylish armor. In the new pack of screenshots, we get a glimpse at the Cell Corporation mercenaries that will be a constant thorn in his nanosuited side.

The Cell Corporation's latest scheme involves sophisticated nanodomes. They've encased several cities in these domes and used them to radically alter the environment inside. For example, New York City has become an urban jungle. Prophet enters the NYC dome to find out why the company built these structures.

The armor for the Cell's troops looks environmentally sealed. Maybe there's something harmful about the dome's air? Or perhaps gas masks are just the accessory of fashionable thugs these days.

Crysis 3 is powered by CryEngine 3, the same tech used in Crysis 2. We probably shouldn't expect a huge leap in graphics, then. The game still looks better than C2, though, because of the sharp art direction. The rainforest/city environment of New York City Liberty Dome is much more visually compelling than the slightly beat-up NYC seen in C2. Crytek's going further off the deep end with this game and I like it.

C3 is expected in February 2013.

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