DC Universe Online is continuing to truck on ahead after getting a very fitting resurge in energy after SOE took it free-to-play. Since then the game has been receiving a steady number of updates and content patches, including a series of premium DLC launches. The latest expansion for DC Universe Online centers around the maniacal maniac of laughter, The Joker. Hence, the title of the latest DLC is called The Last Laugh.

Jens Andersen, creative director on DC Universe Online commented in the press release about the upcoming pack, saying...
“We created this DLC purely for the players that like to take the fight to each other in DCUO's amazing PvP combat," said "Our community has continuously asked for more multiplayer action in DCUO, and we wanted to deliver content that fully meets their expectations and pushes PvP to another level. The Last Laugh is the first DLC that we've created that focuses almost entirely on player versus player battles, and it adds an exciting new element as some of DC's greatest heroes and villains join to fight alongside you."

It's crazy because I was just thinking about heading back to the world of SOE's free-to-play MMO DC Universe Online, but I wanted to play a character like Captain America until I realized they didn't have shields on the game....however, with this latest update pack guess which weapon they added to the stash? If you guessed a hooked harpoon with a crescent bladed tip you definitely guessed wrong and are probably thinking about Dynasty Warriors. However, if you guessed that the newest weapon is a shield, Captain America-style, then you guessed correct.

In addition to obviously pandering to fans of recent Marvel movie The Avengers, SOE also wants to prep people for the upcoming Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises, in which epic PvP battles can take place in the safe houses of both heroes and villains, as well as brand new heroes and villains to play in legendary PvP bouts.

You can check out the complete list of the DLC's features below or start downloading the game client right now, for free, to hop right into the action. The Last Laugh DLC will be free to legendary or premium subscribers, where-as free-to-play gamers will have to fork over a few bucks for the optional update. For more information about DC Universe Online be sure to head on over to the game's Official Website.

The Last Laugh Features:

• The Shield – Players can unleash this vicious new weapon to bash their opponents, or hurl it to take them down from a distance.

• Safe House Battles – No one is safe now that heroes and villains can invade each other’s Safe Houses in these four on four battles.

• Graviton Technology Recovery – Players will be tasked with unscrambling teleporter codes that The Joker has mixed into fragments. Located at the Watchtower or Hall of Doom, players must retrieve eight code fragments to successfully rebuild useable teleporter codes.

• The Rescue – Heroes must rescue hostages, while Villains will be freeing arrested criminals from opposing Safe Houses.

• Bomb Disposal – Thanks to The Joker, the encryption on the Email terminals has changed and can only be bypassed by the robot he provided. Players must gain control of the robot and either upload the data to their HQ or add new encryption to keep their enemies and The Joker away from it.

• Headquarter Battles – In this two-part crusade, 16 players – eight heroes and eight villains – will face off for the ultimate player reward. At the request of Superman, heroes must take over the Hall of Doom, while villains, egged on by The Joker, will breach the Watchtower in order to create chaos.

• Legends Characters – Combat illuminates with the introduction of the first light-powered Legends for multiplayer combat. Players will soon have access to Kilowog, a Green Lantern, and Amon Sur, a member of the Sinestro Corps.

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