DUST 514's newest trailer discusses the weapons that players can carry into battle. Infantry aren't just cannon fodder, and can easily be a match for the air and land vehicles on the battlefield.

Weapons in the game are organized into three categories: heavy, light, and sidearm. Heavy weapons can only be equipped by players wearing heavy armor but are able to cause massive damage to vehicles. Light weapons include some anti-vehicle armaments like the Swarm Launcher, but this category is mostly made up of "workhorse" guns like assault rifles and laser rifles. Sidearms, such as pistols and SMGs, are the back-up weapons you'll use in desperate situations.

DUST 514 offers hundreds of weapons for players. These can be unlocked by playing the game and earning experience. The process of unlocking the full arsenal of the game sounds like an endless pursuit. CCP is adding more and more weapons over time as well. For example, the latest upgrade introduces a Scrambler Rifle and two other guns.

CCP is developing DUST 514 exclusively for the PS3. The MMO shooter is currently in closed beta, with a full launch planned for next year.

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