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A new app has surfaced for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, enabling them to view videos and movies via the DailyMotion application, which is currently available for download...right now.

The app makes use of the Xbox 360's Kinect device, granting gamers and internet movie enthusiast the ability to view all the trailers, webcam shows and shorts available across the vast canvas of media content available on DailyMotion.

As stated in the press release...
With Kinect, viewers can browse different video lists from individual users, groups or pre-programmed playlists. Browsing doesn’t interrupt active video playback, allowing users to find more content while enjoying their current selection as well. Videos are re-loaded at the end of each clip offering a continuous playback experience.

Catering to more than a 114 million unique visitors and housing more than 200,000 new video uploads every day, DailyMotion is one of the largest online video streaming websites, dwarfed only by YouTube, of course.

You can download the application for Xbox Live right now and start gesturing away using Kinect. Remember, it's for Gold subscribers...so yeah. Need more info? Check it out on the official page.