Konami is bringing back the classic dancing game franchise to the Xbox 360, except with one really odd omission: support for Kinect. Well, as far as the press release goes it appears gamers will either be chalking up score the old fashioned way… on a dance mat or with a controller. How odd.

As stated in the press release…
DanceDanceRevolution on Xbox 360 features two new gameplay modes - Dance Off and Club Mode - both filled with non-stop dancing action. In Dance Off, up to four players can take to the dance mat, each taking turns, similar to a dance battle. The winner is the dancer who can step and dance accurately to the arrows. Special gimmicks await players to add for an extra level of challenge as well.

What’s really weird is that the game makes use of the Xbox Live Vision camera so gamers can see themselves performing all those crazy moves on-screen, however, no support for Kinect. It almost feels like a blatant misstep from Konami with this outing, it’s like re-releasing Speed Racer in all its seizure-inducing glory without it being in 3D. You have to admit, that would be kind of crazy, right? Right?

Anyway, if you’re no fan of Kinect I suppose you’ll see this as good news. If you purposefully bought Kinect in order to try your hand at DanceDanceRevolution, well you’ll need to think again.

The game will have a full roster of song choices to dance to, though, including 20 licensed songs from some of today’s hottest artists, as well as 30 remixes and original tunes from Konami.

You can look for DanceDanceRevolution in all its old-school, dance mat glory to hit store shelves for the Xbox 360 in the first quarter of 2011. For more info be sure to visit the Official Website.

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