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If you thought golf games were downright boring, very much like I do, then you need to take a second look at Dangerous Golf. It’s not your ordinary golfing game and the launch trailer shows off just what players will be getting into when the game releases tomorrow.

Dangerous Golf takes players off the green and into some very unusual maps, and it’s not going to be quiet and focused gameplay like you’d expect. The miniature golf game has been described as being a mix of “Burnout, Black and NBA Jam.” Now how does that even sound like a golf game?

The difference with Dangerous Golf is you aren’t playing for par like you normally would in a golf game. Instead, you’re trying to rack up damage points for destroying as many things as you can on the map—and then putting the ball in the hole. Miniature golf just got totally reinvented.

Aside from the gameplay, the miniature golf holes in the game aren’t going to be ordinary either. Some of the holes are set in places like a china shop, a kitchen a palace and more. And to top it all off, your ball is always on fire, so it’s up to the players to use destruction to rack up points and get their ball in the hole. If you have a knack for games where destruction is welcomed, you’ll definitely want to consider Dangerous Golf.

I personally am not a huge fan of games that are centered around the idea of golfing, even mini-golfing. I’m not a huge golfer in real-life either. But Dangerous Golf puts just enough spin on the quiet and relaxing sport that I am almost intrigued to try it myself to see how outrageous it can get. I mean, they pretty much changed the entire game into something totally different. It’s important to note that developer Three Fields Entertainment took a sport that is usually “boring” as some might put it, and turned it into something as rambunctious as Rocket League or the Crash game mode in Burnout—and did it correctly.

Dangerous Golf releases digitally tomorrow for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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