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Film company Legendary Pictures is looking to get in on this whole video game thing that the kids are hooked on these days. They've launched a new digital division that will develop games based on their films as well as original intellectual properties.

Legendary Pictures is the company behind nerdgasm projects like 300, Watchmen, and both of the Christian Bale Batman films. It probably pissed them off to no end that Pandemic's video game adaptation of The Dark Knight fell through, considering how much money it could've gobbled up. Even if it had been released, it wasn't even close to being released simultaneously with the film. Now, with an internal development studio, Legendary will be able to exert greater control over their properties and better coordinate the release of films and their adaptations.

The new digital division will be headed up by Kathy Vrabeck, formerly the president of EA Casual and president of publishing at Activision. Legendary revealed last year that they planned to create a video game spin-off of their upcoming supernatural thriller The Lost Patrol so presumably that'll be one of the digital arm's first assignments.

Legendary, by the way, is also the studio working on the upcoming World of Warcraft and Gears of War films. Doubt Blizzard or Epic will want/need their help on the gaming side of those franchises, though.