Dark Souls 2 Infinite Humanity Strategies Revealed By Players

Being Hollow in Dark Souls 2 can put you at a severe disadvantage, especially when you need to kill a boss. However, players have found out several ways to restore their human form over and over in the recently released action RPG.

One method requires the Ring of Life Protection, which can be found at the No Man's Wharf. The ring restores your humanity on death but immediately breaks afterward. Fortunately, you can repair it for 3000 Souls.

"However, it's only a matter of time before this is patched so live it up while you can you hooligans," says the creator of the video demonstrating the method.

The more common way that players restore their human form is by using Human Effigies. Players can get a stockpile of Effigies by trading with Dyna & Tillo. These twins can be found in Things Betwixt at the bird's nest on a cliff past the Fire Keeper's Dwelling Bonfire. If you leave certain items (Prism Stone, Small Smooth and Silky Stone, Smooth and Silky Stone, Petrified Something) on the ground at their nest, they'll give you a random item in exchange. There's a chance that this item will be a Human Effigy.

The Dark Souls 2 wiki explains that these trades are less random than they appear. Each of the four items that the sisters accept is associated with a group of treasures that the sisters are more likely to offer in exchange. Human Effigies are mostly likely to be exchanged for Smooth and Silky Stones. You could get an Effigy by giving Dyna & Tillo the three other items types but the chances are lower.

Reddit users have found another method to restore your humanity an unlimited amount of times. However, you have to be undead and you can't have any Effigies in your inventory. You also can't have a high sin level.

"Outside of several mobs dropping humanity and Melentia's near constant restocking of humanity via progression, there is one last sure fire way to regain humanity," explains one Redditor. "In the Shrine of Amana, above the last bonfire, there is a Shrine with a praying Milfinito. After you have 'rescued' the two stray maidens (one outside the Demon of Song room, another behind the Embedded Door in Drangleic Castle) you can pray at this Shrine at any time to regain humanity. This is free of cost and can be done a limitless amount of times."

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.