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I'm not exactly sure how, but a user has been able to gain access to the new DLC for Darksiders II a bit earlier than expected, in fact, he gained access to the DLC several days earlier than the initial reports stated. A slip-up by THQ or was it a PR error? Whoever is at fault, it's good news for one gamer.

One of our readers notified us that THQ had offered up a code for the new DLC, which, as of the writing of this article, has not been released, and is enjoying himself so good old fashioned Argul tomb raiding. Originally the DLC was set for release on September 25th, but according to the tipster he's had access to it since over the weekend.

If you think it's bogus we asked for a screenshot and here's what he provided. Gaze and weep.

The weird part is that the DLC is currently not available for purchase, so it does make you question how a user managed to get their hands on the access code and what's more, a code provided by THQ.

It doesn't really matter, though, because Argul's Tomb launches tomorrow and will offer up two brand new dungeons, an entirely new zone and lots of sexy new loot, nice and ripe for the dearthly anti-hero, Death.

The DLC will be available for Xbox Live at 560 MS Points as well as on PSN and Steam for $6.99. For more information you can check out the Official Darksiders 2 Website or maybe you can luck up and THQ will send you a free code.

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