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Battle Chasers, a comic book that wrapped up its run about 14 years ago, is about to return to the limelight in a big way. Creator Joe Madureira has since moved on to form Airship Syndicate, a studio that is working to bring the property back as both a new comic book and, you guessed it, a video game.

While you may not have heard of Airship Syndicate just yet, chances are pretty good that you’re familiar with the work of its team members. First there’s Madureira, who we just mentioned, as well as many members from the team formerly known as Vigil Games, the folks responsible for the criminally underappreciated Darksiders and Darksiders II.

Earlier this week, Airship Syndicate posted a teaser image of a sword imbedded in a stone, informing folks that an announcement would be coming from the studio soon. That announcement has now gone live on the Airship website, heralding the development of a brand new video game based on the popular Battle Chasers comic. Along with the game, it looks like the studio will be rebooting the comic series, too, for those who want to dive into fantasy on two fronts.

Rather than issue a press release with the big news, it looks like Airship instead opted to have an early interview with Polygon about the project, which you can check out yourself for all of the juicy details.

I can’t pretend that this news doesn’t have me ever-so-slightly disappointed. Don’t get me wrong: I’m super excited for a game based on the Battle Chasers lore, but I got my hopes up when I saw that teaser image earlier in the week. For whatever reason, my brain translated it as War’s sword from the original Darksiders and my fanboy heart allowed me to believe that some sort of a collaboration had been worked out and the team responsible for the series’ first two games would be working on a third.

The first two Darksiders games are some of my favorites from the last generation and I’m still holding out hope for a continuation of the story, but it looks like it won’t be coming from Airship Syndicate…Not yet, at least.

But on the bright side is that new Battle Chasers game. It’ll have Madureira’s artistic flare and, if former Vigil staff are working on it, that means it goes up several notches in my “confidence” department.

Few solid details have been offered at this point outside of the fact that Battle Chasers will be an RPG and feature a cast of characters from the comic, as well as some new faces. It’s also noted that the gameplay will not be all that similar to Darksiders which, again, has me a little bummed. The game, as well as the comic, is also super early in development, with the team considering something like Kickstarter to help with the funding. So, in other words, get excited for more Battle Chasers, just don’t hold your breath we’ll be playing it anytime soon.
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