Fans of action, adventure and smiting demons with massive swords have something to get excited about as the original Darksiders gets added to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.

The second big Plus update of the month, Darksiders will take players on an epic quest through post-apocalyptic New York where demons roam the Earth and the horseman War has been accused of prematurely bringing about the destruction of all mankind. War will have to overthrow massive enemies in even more massive dungeons if he hopes to clear his name, questing through a world that's one part The Legend of Zelda and one part God of War. It's a killer combo and, honestly, I consider Darksiders to be one of the most underrated games of this current generation. Which is exactly why I'm super excited that all PS Plus members will now get to dive into the 20-plus hour campaign, free of charge.

Additional Darksiders details can be found on the PlayStation Blog, along with information about the other half of this week's impending update, a sale on Stardrone Extreme for the PlayStation Vita. A spaceship in perpetual mostion is hurdling through space and, by holding strategically placed tether points, you can control the flight of the ship, launch it towards pickups and help it avoid dangers. Stardrone Extreme will be 50 percent off for Plus members this week, going for just $2.99.

Look for this week's plus content when the PlayStation Network update goes live later this afternoon.

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