Techland has a new release window for Dead Island's downloadable content. The Bloodbath Arena DLC, originally expected in late September, is now set to arrive next month.

"We have news for all who are waiting for the Bloodbath Arena DLC: it will be moved to mid November. The additional time will be used to make sure that every Dead Island fan will receive the best experience possible on every platform," says a new post on the official Dead Island Facebook page.

Bloodbath Arena adds four Arenas in which players must defend against endless waves of zombies. These challenges are playable alone or with other players. A new "brain wave" grenade will be added in the DLC, giving you another way to dispatch zombies. Any XP or items that you earn in these Arenas will carry over to the campaign.

Techland announced a delay to the DLC last week. They said that they were forced to push the release back because they were polishing the main game.

The DLC will be available for free to those who pre-ordered through participating retailers. If you didn't pre-order, you'll have to pay $10.

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