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One of the things that gamers probably quickly forgot about Dead Island is that it’s a cooperative zombie-survival game. The viral cinematic trailer doesn’t really do much to exemplify the point of co-op, unless you count the mother and father haplessly trying to save their daughter.

However, the latest trailer for Dead Island focuses entirely on the cooperative mechanics and how players can work together to use some tag-team moves to blast the walking dead to smithereens…or at least die trying.

Now that you’ve been all pumped up from that trailer, it’s time for some additional news about Dead Island: the game has gone gold. This means that Techland has finished the development of the game and that it will be arriving on Sempteber 6th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Gamers can even pre-order for some special bonuses or just wait for the game to hit the shelves of your local retailer and you can pick it up then. If you need more info feel free to check out the Official Website.