Dead Or Alive 5 is a week away so Tecmo Koei has deemed this an appropriate occasion to send out the launch trailer. In addition to offering up new gameplay footage, it shows some misfortune for series vet Kasumi.

The game's plot kicks off two years after Dead or Alive 4. Helena Douglas, the head of DOATEC, is reforming the company. She's suspended many of its shady activities, including its biotechnology and military projects. The fifth DoA tournament is her way of showing the world the company's changed ways.

There's plenty of violence and intrigue going on behind the scenes, though. The trailer shows a cutscene in which Kasumi is stabbed. She's one of the most popular characters in DOA so I'm sure she'll pull through. However, this scene is an indication that shit just got real.

DOA5 will launch on September 25th in North America and on the 28th in Europe.

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