The Dead Or Alive series will be making its debut on the PlayStation Vita soon. Team Ninja has announced that they're creating a port of Dead or Alive 5, entitled Dead or Alive 5 Plus.

DOA5 picks up two years after the previous game, with the remade DOATEC Corporation hosting another tournament. The Story Mode is accompanied by offline game types like Time Attack and Survival, as well as online multiplayer. The new Power Blow feature allows players to knock their opponents into Danger Zones or onto the lower levels of certain stages.

The title of the Vita port, Plus, implies that Sony will include new features. There's no mention of what that extra content will be, though. It's possible that the port will simply ship with the DLC released for the console versions. The DLC released thus far for the game has been limited to costume packs for the characters.

DOA5 debuted on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in September. Plus is expected in early 2013. Team Ninja hasn't announced a specific release date, though.

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