If you were hoping to get in some open-world zombie action on the Xbox 360 this fall with Dead Rising 3, think again. The game was originally designed for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but after July the game was scrapped for the Xbox 360 due to the aging console being too old and decrepit for what the team had in mind.

Gamespot picked up the quote from Larry “Major 'Flip Switcher' Nelson” Hryb, who tweeted that...

It doesn't end there, though. There's an actual reason as to why the game won't be appearing on the Xbox 360 and the development team gives a brief explanation so Xbox 360 owners aren't left out in the cold wondering why their geriatric console isn't getting a next-generation game.

Capcom producer Mike Jones told Gamespot that...
"In terms of building the game, we originally developed it on PC and everything we were doing was breaking the bank on [Xbox] 360,"

Well at least they don't hide the fact that they were developing and running the game on PC, something some studios feel is like telling your partner you've got a real, real, real bad case of the clap.

Anyway, Dead Rising 3 is an open-world game that puts players in the role of a trigger-happy mechanic trying to survive in a world overrun with the undead.

The game world is a heck of a lot bigger than the previous Dead Rising games, with a map that absolutely dwarfs its predecessors.

In addition to having a bigger map, vehicles now play a big role in getting around the environment as opposed to walking or using goofy objects to get from one place to the next. All the wacky weapons, costumes and gadgets are making a return to the series in one way or another. The crafting system is also returning from Dead Rising 2, where players could get certain items and weld, tape or glue them together. The results are sometimes hilarious and sometimes ridiculous, but it's definitely entertaining no matter which way you cut the custard.

I would hope to see a PC version of the game at some point given that it was running on PC first and even the devs admitted they had it up and running on PC. I mean, it would be a nice addition to all those other low-class zombie titles flooding the PC gaming market right now... it would also need to launch before the standalone of DayZ to give us post-apocalyptic zombie fans something to do while we wait for Dean and the crew to finish up the definitive zombie-survival experience.

You can look for Dead Rising 3 to launch exclusively for the Xbox One on November 22nd.

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