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The reviews for Dead Rising 3 are in and the game is 100% okay. However, that's not really something you can add as a tagline to a launch trailer “Hey everybody, our game is 100% okay and contains pure bred generic gameplay!” Given that the game's comedy-horror schtick is muted greatly in favor of darker colors and more serious looking character designs, Microsoft and Capcom took the opportunity to sell the 100% okay game as a serious, post-apocalyptic zombie survival game... even though it really isn't.

The reviews point to the game's offbeat humor and unrestricted gameplay panache as being the highpoint (if you consider mediocrity a highpoint), the comedy-horror pastiche managed to win over some reviewers, but ultimately the game succumbed to its own technical ambitions, as the Xbox One struggled, huffed, puffed and fumed trying to run Dead Rising 3. The game has a problem of dipping into the 20s when it comes to FPS, and even going as low as 14fps when the action gets hotter and heavier than Gabe Newell at a thong-only Brazilian beach while testing out a new VR trampoline.

So far, Microsoft and Capcom have tried ignoring the Xbox One coming up short in the hardware performance department like a VW Beetle trying to compete in the GTR line-up of the Le Mans. Instead, Microsoft has turned their attention to where they shine the best (besides stomping rival operating systems): marketing.

Anyway, Dead Rising 3 puts players in the role of a mechanic named Nick, as he attempts to get out of town fighting off countless hordes of zombies (viz., though the approximate number is 400 zombies on screen at the same time, nearly the equivalent of what Hammerpoint Studios claimed The War Z could handle).

The game relies on player ingenuity and creativity, where gamers can bridge together concepts of deadly intent, such as flaming chainsaw staffs, steamroller motorcycles and lightsabers. The game also sports a bevy cache of costumes to unlock and play around with, tons of weapons to acquire and plenty of ways to eviscerate, burn, cut, slice, dice, shoot, blow up and decapitate the walking dead.

If you enjoyed both Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 you might get a kick out the graphically superior (but frame-rate unstable) threequal. Although, it's probably wise if you don't get in any fast vehicles if you don't want to see the frame rate come to a screeching slideshow... unless you enjoy your gaming experience looking like a Pentium 286 from 1995 trying to Hunter Hunted.

Additionally, if you don't mind running the game on the Xbox 720p you can look for Dead Rising 3 to land on the shelves of your local retailer this weekend when the game goes live with Microsoft's next-generation home entertainment console.

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