The horror-survival action game from EA and Visceral Games is almost nearing launch and so is the soundtrack. BAFTA award-winning composer, Jason Graves, will be scoring the music in a psychodramatic fashion to give gamers the intense thrill of treading through monster-infested spaceships.

Graves commented in the press release about the game, saying…
“The score really runs the gamut as you play through the game. There are much bigger and scarier pieces along with quieter, more personal moments to counterbalance them. I wrote for string quartet to portray Isaac’s vulnerable side. It’s quite the emotional arc, but of course still done in a very ‘Dead Space’ way."

The game alone looks pretty eerie, heck Isaac looks freaking eerie, so having equally dynamic and eerie music only makes sense. Gamers interested the soundtrack, the collector’s edition and that life-sized plasma cutter can learn more about Dead Space 2, which is due out for the Xbox 360 and PS3, by visiting the Official Website.

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