Dead Space 3 will make some big changes to the series. However, one feature from previous games remains intact: audio logs. Visceral Games has released three logs from the full game to reassure us that they're as creepy as ever.

Audio logs are voice recordings left by other characters. They're littered throughout the game world and serve a couple functions. First, they provide additional story background. Second, they're an incentive for players to scour every dark corner of the game.

In some cases, the logs are recorded by characters who never appear in the actual game. In some cases that's a shame because the character in question might be really vivid. However, the net result of these logs is that they give players the sense that their character is just one part of a much larger narrative.

Dead Space 3 has been courting controversy since it was announced due to its action-heavy focus. It introduces two-player co-op to the series. There's also a cover system and an emphasis on ranged combat. These features led some to criticize the game for turning it into just another shooter.

It's plausible for a co-op, action-heavy game to also be creepy and scary. It remains to be seen whether Visceral will pull it off, though. Perhaps these audio logs will be able to help keep the action/horror balance.

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