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The Dead Space universe is set to return to its horror roots as the first DLC add-on chapters for Dead Space 3, Awakened, is primed to take players to some of the series’ darkest places yet. You can grab it for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 starting today.

Taking place following the conclusion of the game proper, the Awakened DLC kicks off on the snowy surface Tau Volantis before moving back into space where Isaac and his co-op partner, John Carver, must once again visit the Terra Nova. There, they find that the ship has been overrun by a group of Unitologist cultists who have an affinity for removing their own hands as a display of faith. They also like to cover the walls with the bodies of sacrificed humans who have had necromorph limbs more or less bolted onto their bodies. So, yeah, it’ll be grand holiday fun for the whole family.

Returning to the original Dead Space’s themes of closed spaces, genuine terror and audio/visual cues that mess with the player’s perception of reality, Awakened takes a step away from the full-tilt action of Dead Space 3 in an effort to once again scare the crap out of the player. As much as I enjoyed the main campaign, I’m absolutely giddy to see the series pour on the horror once more. You can also expect new areas to explore, new weapon parts and circuits to discover and all new enemies to dismember.

Awakened is available starting today for $10 on PC and PlayStation 3 and 800 MSP on the Xbox 360.