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Clever gamers have figured out a way to subvert the optional cash store in Dead Space 3. Apparently there's a bug that allows gamers to get infinite resources in the game.

The bug, according to GameFront's video (below), can be accessed near the end of Chapter 8. In a shack with a power generator and bunk beds, the player will find a random item on the ground. After the player leaves that building and re-enters, they'll find a new item has respawned there. This process can be repeated over and over to ensure you have a stockpile of resources for crafting.

This doesn't completely render the in-game cash store obsolete. The store also offers new weapons and armor as well as the Online Pass. However, it's sure going to be tough for EA to sell in-game resources to players while this bug still exists.

Considering how damaging this bug is to the game's microtransactions, I assume that Visceral will quickly patch it. Might as well take advantage of in the meantime then. Or just realize you don't need an unlimited pile of resources to beat the game and carry on as usual.

Dead Space 3 debuted in North America yesterday. You can read what critics are saying about the game here.

Update: EA says that this exploit isn't a glitch and they're not patching it.