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Dead Space 3 Pay-2-Win Cash Shop Items Listed, Priced

Hey, remember that microtransaction shop that Visceral Games was talking about for Dead Space 3? Well, a full listing of the items have become available for public viewing, giving gamers an idea of what they can expect from the cash shop in the upcoming action-shooter title, Dead Space 3.

Destructoid's Jim Sterling has the rundown, which includes the following:

· Bot Capacity Upgrade $4.99

· Bot Personality Pack $4.99

· First Contact Pack Free

· Marauder Pack $4.99

· Sharpshooter Pack $4.99

· Tundra Recon Pack $4.99

· Witness the Truth Pack $4.99

· Bot Accelerator $4.99

· Epic Weapon & Resource Pack $2.99

· Online Pass $9.99

· Ultra Weapon & Resource Pack $1.99

· Resource Pack $0.99

So the resource packs go for about a $1 each, which means that anytime you start a new game or need an extra boost in general resources EA will take a dollar out of your pocket.

The online pass, priced at $9.99 should come as no surprise to anyone. I mean, Riccitiello and Moore need those new diamond studded golf clubs from Callaway, right? We can't have them using anything from someone cheap like Bridgestone... much less, anything without diamond-studded grips.

The original reason that the microtransaction cash shop was tossed into Dead Space 3 was to help mobile gamers buy what they needed so they could pay-2-win in a retail game. I mean, you can't obviously spend actual time to enjoy the game, that would defeat the purpose of playing to have and enjoy the grind and the experience. It's all about completion these days.

What's more is that all of the above items will be day-one DLC, so you'll be paying to unlock this stuff right out of the gate if you're into that sort of thing. The reason day-one DLC is here to stay is because so many of you were willing to throw money at EA for the day-one DLC for Mass Effect 3 called “From Ashes”, where EA's COO Peter Moore was proud that they were able to get gamers to pay MORE than the standard $60, turning it into additional profit as a day one sale.

If you're all about helping EA hit those profit margins and continue on with the day-one DLC, on-disc DLC and microtransaction cash shops bundled in with $60 retail games, feel free to pick up a copy of Dead Space 3 when it launches for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC next week. Oh yeah, and remember, you have to spend like crazy because if EA doesn't sell five million copies, Dead Space as a brand goes bust.

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