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(Update: Editor-in-Chief Andrew Reiner is saying on Twitter that the review score from Game Informer is fake. We'll update when we have more information.)

The first Dead Space 3 review has been leaked to the Internet. The review, written by Game Informer, gives the soon-to-be-released action-horror game a 7.75 out of 10.

DS3 is set on the icy planet of Tau Volantis, as well as spaceships orbiting the world. The GI review (via neogaf) says that one of these ships isn't as exciting a setting as Dead Space 2's The Sprawl. They also criticize the atmosphere of the game, saying it's not as creepy as the first two Dead Space titles.

The game takes the series in a third-person shooter direction. On Tau Volantis, players will have to fight Unitologist soldiers in addition to the usual horde of Necromorphs. GI criticized the gunfights against the Unitologists, saying they were executed poorly and didn't fit the game.

One of the most controversial new features for DS3 is co-op. Isaac Clarke teams up with John Carver in two-player mode. Game Informer, surprisingly, doesn't crap on co-op too much. They say it's fun and that the game is very geared toward the two-player experience. For example, certain puzzles are designed with co-op in mind.

However, they don't give co-op a clean bill of health. The hallucinations, which make the campaign different for each character, are unfortunately few and far between. Furthermore, the game experienced some frame rate issues in co-op at certain points.

GI says that the campaign is actually longer than the first two Dead Space games. That's not a good thing, though. In fact, the campaign drag on too much at the end.

Dead Space 3 will debut in North America on February 5th. Expect a flood of reviews on that date. We'll see whether GI's review is an outlier or whether everyone else found it a disappointment.