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Visceral Games revealed what today's big Dead Space 3 news is: a new set of screenshots. Rather than arguing over whether screenshots count as big news, you should just check them out.

The screenshots show Isaac Clarke and John Carver fighting off Necromorphs with mixed results. In keeping with series tradition, there's a lot of gore involved. It's not enough to be frustrated by your character's death - you also need to be a bit repulsed.

There's also a shot of Carver walking past a long row of toy soldiers. Is he at some sort of carnival or toy store? Hope those soldiers don't go haywire and attack you. Or maybe I hope they do. New enemies are always welcome.

DS3 will be arriving in February. I was hoping that Visceral's "big news" was going to be a demo announcement. It remains to be seen whether they'll be releasing a demo to the public before the game goes live.