In Dead Space 3, hero Isaac Clarke's engineering prowess is finally being utilized to the fullest as everyone's favorite Necromorph slicer is being allowed to create his own weaponry.

The Dead Space games are known for their use of re-purposed mining tools as instruments of destruction. The weapons have always been upgradable but, in Dead Space 3 Clarke can finally build his own tools, crafting weapons from scratch or utilizing blueprints found throughout the game or shared by co-op partners.

When I first heard about this ability, I admit that I had my reservations. I'm a huge fan of the Dead Space universe, so any change to the series (like the new co-op option) has me a bit on edge. But then I saw this video wherein the new and improved weapon bench is shown off, and I was sold.

See, kids? Sometimes change is a good thing!

In Dead Space 3, players will be able to craft all of the series' best known weapons like the Ripper or Bolt Gun, but now we'll be able to augment those weapons with new elemental or mechanical upgrades, as well as stack two damn weapons on top of one another.

I've already got my first model picked out: The top is occupied by a flamethrower with the bottom slot being home to a Ripper. The flamethrower only sprays a blast a few feet in front of your body, which also happens to be where the Ripper blade likes to hover, slicing and dicing Necromorphs into tiny pieces. With my patented Burny-Whirly gun, that blade can now hover in a gosh-darned field of fire.

Soooo...What are some of your awesome Dead Space 3 weapon combo ideas?

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