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This morning, the news broke that EA filed a trademark for the name "Visceral Games". While it's possible this is a new studio, it seems more likely that this is the new name for the development studio responsible for Dead Space.

Way back in September, EA Redwood Shores' Glen Schofield told Variety that they were "looking to brand the studio. That's what I'm doing right now. It's going through legal."

Specifically, he meant the team working under the EA Games label that produced Dead Space would be re-branded. There would still be an EA Redwood Shores (it's where the corporate office and a few other teams are housed) but the DS folks would get their own name to set themselves apart. "Visceral Games" sounds like an apt name for a studio responsible for a survival horror game involving "strategic dismemberment," doesn't it? A big gory logo on your game is an easy way to tell consumers not to buy it for your little nephew.

It just seems like a good fit, is all we're saying. We probably won't hear back from EA about this until the trademark application goes through but we'll give it the old college try.