One of the most original, artistic platforming games to land on the Xbox Live Arcade in quite some time (or since Shank 2) is now being prepped for release on PC via Steam. According to Tequila Works the game will become digitally available beginning October 25th.

The game picked up quite bit of positive press throughout its tenure in the media circles leading up to release. The side-scrolling, cinematic-style platforming and dynamic combat help set it apart from many other titles out there.

The press release also does a fantastic job of setting up the story and the character without giving too much away, saying...
Set in an apocalyptic world in 1986 on the US Pacific Coast, Deadlight is a narrative driven experience. Randall, our hero, is alone, introverted and slightly paranoid. His enemies are hordes of the undead and they react as a swarm to the player's presence. They are a threat alone, deadly in groups.

A lot of the gameplay revolves around wit and timing, giving gamers both a thrilling and action-packed gameplay experience.

Some segments reminded me a lot of Uncharted with the way the platforming is streamlined into the action. There's also that heavy sense of dread around the edge of each screen frame, so you never know what to expect until you take a few steps forward.

You can look for Deadlight to arrive on PC later this month. It's a little unfortunate for Xbox 360 gamers that they're losing more and more of their exclusives...but oh well, I guess it's still good for playing Netflix.

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