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Get your gear and meet me in the roller, Arc hunters, because it’s time to venture into uncharted territory as Trion World’s announces the latest expansion to its free-to-play online third-person MMO shooter, Defiance.

Released in tangent last year with the Syfy television series by the same name, Defiance turned out to be an interesting mix of media, having events from the show bleed into weekly content updates from the game and vice versa. Not only do characters and references pop up between the two, but a character in the show might escape custody and venture into the video game, where you might then run into their digital form and help them through a series of missions before they return to the show.

Honestly, it’s a pretty nifty synergy (Did I really just use that word?) and it made both the show and game all the more enjoyable thanks to the clever in jokes and collaborations that the player can become a part of. You can get a hint of it all with the latest trailer below.

In the game, EGO implants are what allow the player to see their Heads Up Display (HUD). It seemed like a fun way to explain why you can access a map or hear a voice telling you where to go and what to do at all times, but the game and show developers have taken that seemingly insignificant bit of tech a few steps further in recent months. EGO units played a central part in a storyline recently for the show, and they’re also at the heart of the season two content for the game.

Players are hot on the trail of Karl Von Bach, a scientist with a healthy dose of the crazies, who has gathered a following and hit the road to Silicon Valley. That just so happens to be the name of the new playable zone, too.

“Karl Von Bach’s discovery has heralded a new EGO, where he and his enigmatic Pilgrims of the Guiding Light anticipate your arrival into the Silicon Valley with worrying relish,” reads a statement from Trion Worlds. “Not only is the valley overrun with Grid [bad dudes you’ll want to shoot], but Karl’s cult has taken firm footholds across the zone, where their true intentions are still shrouded in mystery.”

Now it’s up to the defiant few to stop them at all costs, which is where the player comes in. The new Silicon Valley map will boast loads of new missions for you to work through, as well as new dynamic events called invasions. New gear is also a must for any MMO update, as well as an upgraded level cap and a new game feature called Encryption, which boosts certain gear in the damage or capacity department.

Defiance is available as a free-to-play MMO for PC and, while available for-purchase on consoles now, will shift to free-to-play on those platforms eventually, too. Grab the game, get to fighting, and eventually you’ll make your way to Silicon Valley.

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