Demon Gaze is the latest in a growing line of more niche Japanese titles arriving on the PlayStation Vita, this time taking players on a first-person adventure through a vibrant RPG world. Not a lot of pre-launch coverage has been afforded to this possible sleeper hit, but it's out now on the PlayStation Network and in retail stores.

NIS America Marketing Coordinator David Alonzo made he announcement official on the PlayStation Blog, explaining that this new “dungeon-crawling RPG” is also arriving with a couple of treats in tow, specifically Disgaea DLC that's free to all comers for the next four weeks. This DLC grants access to Elna, Fionne, Asagi, Sicily and the peg-legged penguin, Prinny, as party members within the game. Yes, please, and thank you.

The last first-person dungeon crawler that comes to mind is last year's Unchained Blades and, before that, I can't honestly remember the last game that had RPG fans explore the game world through the eyes of their hero. Like I said, it's a pretty niche genre and, as is becoming more and more the case with these sorts of games, it's great to see it arriving here in the US.

This being an RPG, it should come as no surprise that you will take up the role of an unnamed hero with no memory of who they are, where they came from or how they got to the land of Misrid. You quickly discover that you happen to have the ability to control demons, however, a handy little ability in a land literally overflowing with the things.

And what's a good anime-infused RPG without a bit of harem action driving the story forward?

“When you're not crawling through dungeons, you'll be spending a lot of time at your base at the Dragon Princess Inn where the rent's high and the neighbors are (sometimes a little too) friendly,” said Alonzo. “Here you'll meet all kinds of zany characters including the beautiful, if frugal innkeeper Fran, the morbid mortician Prometh, and Kukure, the style-obsessed Migmy.”

Each character in Demon Gazewill aid in your quest in various ways, including providing mission info, changing the gender of your party members, reviving fallen allies or even going with you on your next big adventure.

Similar to Pokemon or Persona, you'll first need to defeat demons in battle in order to have them join your party. Once you've defeated a main demon, you'll be able to bring them (along with their special abilities) along for future dungeon dives, allowing you to build the perfect party for each combat situation.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, then you can pick up Demon Gaze for your PS Vita starting now. And keep your eye out for future DLC, as NIS has announced that plenty of it is on the horizon.

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