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Destiny's beta test on PS4 and PS3 is going to expand today with some new content. Bungie plans to launch a special competitive event called the Iron Banner.

"The Destiny Beta is like a microcosm of the final game," Bungie said in their Weekly Update. "Over time, you’ll learn that your adventure in Destiny will evolve with you. Many of you have a day or two of gameplay under your belts. Your Guardian has evolved – become more dangerous. Perhaps you’ve even proven your worth on the level playing fields of the Crucible. This weekend, we will seek to forge even stronger Guardians in the fires of the Crucible."

Today at 2pm PDT, a new set of doors will be opened in the Tower. Lord Saladin will then begin offering players access to the Iron Banner event. Iron Banner uses a new Crucible playlist with two additional maps not seen in the beta so far. The first is Rusted Lands, an infantry-only map set amidst ruined buildings on Earth. You may remember it from the alpha test last month.

The other map added in Iron Banner is called Blind Watch. This never-before-seen location takes players to Mars for the first time. Players will battle for control of an abandoned skyscraper's roof. You can check out the first gameplay footage from that map below:

Iron Banner matches will differ from normal Crucible matches in one important respect: Level Advantages. Players' Attack and Defense ratings will have an impact on their performance on the battlefield. Players who have acquired better gear will be at a distinct advantage, in other words.

Time rewards are another crucial aspect of Iron Banner, according to gameplay designer Lars Bakken.

"Losing a match may make the difference between getting that bad ass Assault Rifle or not.”

The Iron Banner event has a time limit as well. Bungie will only keep it open for two hours. They hint that additional events will be rolled out as the beta proceeds, though.

Destiny launched on PS3 and PS4 on Thursday. Bungie plans to open up the beta to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on July 24th. The test gives access to a range of competitive and cooperative content in the shared-world shooter. Players can advance their character up to level 8 and gain new abilities in the process.

You can guarantee access to the test by pre-ordering the game. Gamers are sharing extra invites through Reddit as well.
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