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Destiny expansion The Dark Below hasn't been a smooth experience for all players. Bungie detailed some of the larger bugs reported since the DLC launched and offered some solutions.

Select PS4 owners noticed that their full game was being recognized as the restricted free trial. This bug should be patched out, though.

"Please check your console messages for instructions. If you’re still encountering obstacles, please know that we are still working on sending messages and resolving issues," Bungie said in their Weekly Update.

PS3 and PS4 owners alike have been unable to access The Dark Below altogether. In some cases, this is because players bought the game and the DLC for different regions. The official solution is to buy another copy of the game in the same region as your PSN account. However, Bungie also says you can use this alternative solution, which may or may not work:
  • Create a proxy account from the same region as your Destiny game disc
  • Add a valid payment instrument to this proxy account, such as a credit card or PS Store gift card from the same region
  • Purchase Destiny content on your proxy account
  • Play Destiny content on your primary account and system
If you're experiencing error code E-82000102 while trying to get the DLC through the PS Store, there may be a few solutions. Again, this may be due to codes being region-locked. If you're adding funds to a sub account, you should try adding them to a master account instead. You may also fix the issue simply by closing the store, opening it up and retrying your purchase. If the issue persists, you should reach out to Sony's customer support

Xbox One players, meanwhile, encountered a bug that forced them to re-download a patch every time they launched Destiny. Bungie is still investigating this problem so it may be fixed in a future patch. In the meantime, though, they suggest the following three workarounds:
  • Use a wired connection while patching
  • Clear your cache
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game
If you bought The Dark Below from a retailer but can't access the DLC, it may be due to how those orders are processed. Some retailers simply credit your PSN or Xbox Live account with the dollar value of the expansion instead of actually unlocking the expansion. If so, you just need to do the extra step of using that credit to purchase The Dark Below through PSN or Xbox Live.

"If you are seeing any animal, fruit, or instrument error codes (BEAVER, MARIONBERRY, and BANJO for example), those are Bungie error codes that you should report to our #Help forums," Bungie said.

The Dark Below launched earlier this week on all platforms. The expansion adds a new Raid, Strike, and Story Missions along with Crucible maps.

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