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Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below may come with a special reward. Bungie is teasing a surprise for players who opt for the DLC pack.

"Did you acquire a Destiny collector’s edition that included an Expansion Pass? Did you acquire an Expansion Pass separately since then?" Bungie said in their Weekly Update. "If you have, we’ve got a special surprise for you. If you have not, but think you might still help yourself to The Dark Below, you’ll also be invited to enjoy."

Surprise sparrow

The post included a picture of a Sparrow, with "EV-30: DTS" printed underneath." In case that wasn't enough of a clue for you, Bungie also wrote a suggestive paragraph underneath it (emphasis mine).

"The details are still secured in a crate. Early next week, the information we’re guarding will fly through the air with the greatest of ease. When it lands, we want there to be no doubt that this is for you, and that you’ll have a chance to enjoy it first. We want to make sure that you traverse the next leg of your journey in outrageous style."

It seems pretty likely that anyone who buys The Dark Below will be getting an exclusive Sparrow for their characters. It's not a substantial enough bonus to make you consider buying an expansion you wouldn't otherwise get. I'm sure that more hardcore players would appreciate an exclusive ride, though.

During the Weekly Update, Bungie also confirmed that the Iron Banner event will be coming back soon. Right now, they're targeting a release by the end of next week "if all goes well."

This PvP event has been changed significantly since it last appeared. A common criticism was that players' gear didn't make enough of an impact in Iron Banner battles. However, now defense and attack rating will matter more. Players will be "competitive" with anyone within three levels of them. As a result, only players level 20 or above will be able to queue on their own. Anyone below that level will have to be a part of a level 20+ player's Fireteam.

To prevent quitters, Destiny will now only award Iron Banner reputation to winners of the match. The losers who stay until the end will receive an Iron Medallion. They can carry up to five of these Medallions and redeem them for reputation at a later victory.

As usual, players must earn Iron Banner rank so they can get access to better gear. Lord Saladin's gear is now divided into five ranks rather than three. Your reputation from last event will carry over to give you a better chance at hitting the cap this time around. The new Temeper buff will boost your rep gains for 12 hours of the event. At the end of this Iron Banner, all players' reputation will be reset.

The third major part of this week's update from Bungie was a reminder about the voice chat beta. You can read more about the test here.

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