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For those of you who missed out on Bungie’s livestream of Destiny’s new post-game mode, Prison of Elders, we’ve got some new details to tide you over until the latest DLC’s official launch on May 19. Get ready for some team-based, horde mode action.

News pertaining to House of Wolves, the latest DLC heading to the online shooting phenomenon known as Destiny, has been trickling out for a while now but, until recently, we haven’t really heard too much about the mysterious new Prison of Elders game mode.

The team at Bungie showed the mode off yesterday during a Twitch stream but, just in case you missed the action, some new info has been shared through the PlayStation blog. According to the announcement, teams of players will be given the ability to tackle some new, and extremely difficult, challenges in the hopes of earning some big rewards.

“In Prison of Elders, you’ll partner with fellow Guardians and attempt to survive a series of battles across many of Destiny’s toughest alien races, including Hive, Cabal, and more,” reads the announcement. “Each encounter will be a bit different thanks to procedurally generated gameplay wrinkles, whether it’s different mission types, modifiers, or boss battles. Survive it all and your fireteam will gain access to the Queen’s treasure room — and trust me, it’s worth the fuss.”

Random elements in a horde mode, in my book, are always welcome, meaning this is one set of missions in Destiny you won’t be able to have memorized by heart due to running it 567 times.

According to the announcement, additional challenges will be unlocked at higher difficulty levels, including 32, 34 and *gulp* 35. I had the opportunity to check out some of yesterday’s stream, in which the players were basically getting wrecked. Folks looking for a challenge should be excited by that news, though I’m sure someone will figure out how to run it solo or without firing a weapon within the first week.

No word on if the Prison of Elders will feature matchmaking, which is probably the most important piece of information for yours truly. Bungie has been bullish about what modes receive the feature and I’ve been equally bullish about not bending over backwards to put together a team in order to, say, run raids. Here’s hoping they open the mode up for those of us who would like to get in, get in a round within the prison, then get back out with as little fuss as humanly possible.

As a reminder, the Prison of Elders is just one part of the House of Wolves DLC, which will also boast new missions, new social spaces, new competitive maps and modes, new gear, etc. It’s included in the season pass, or you can download it separately for 20 bucks on May 19.
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