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Destiny players will have a new mode for Crucible waiting for them when they log in today. Bungie has brought back Inferno mode in a different form.

Inferno mode strips away several features from Destiny multiplayer to deliver a pure gunfight. You gain points simply by getting kills. Assists won't get you anything. There's only one heavy ammo drop per match so your Gjallarhorn won't be quite so helpful.

It's also easier to sneak up on an opponent with heavy ammo in Inferno because there's no radar. If you use voice chat, you'll be at a huge advantage.

"Whether you’re in a fireteam or using opt-in voice chat, remember to call out enemy locations and share other valuable intel with your team," Bungie's Jeremiah Pieschl said.

During Inferno mode's first appearance in Destiny, it was available through a Control playlist. This time around, it's limited to Clash. The lack of any other objectives other than killing will make Inferno more challenging than usual. Control Inferno gave you some indication of an enemy's location; you knew an enemy was at a capture point when it was being converted. With Inferno Clash, though, you'll need to check your corners like you're playing Counter-Strike.

Here's a video with a few other tips from Inferno Control, many of which also apply to Inferno Clash:

The Inferno Clash playlist goes live today at 11 AM Pacific. It features the following maps:
  • The Anomaly
  • Firebase Delphi
  • Twilight Gap
  • Rusted Lands
  • Shores of Time
  • Blind Watch
  • Asylum
  • The Burning Shrine
  • The Cauldron
  • Pantheon
Inferno is one of the experimental modes Bungie has been trying out for the Crucible. Another experiment was Doubles Skirmish, a 2v2 mode that also limited heavy ammo. When Bungie first said they were going to release experimental modes, I thought they meant an Infected mode or something similarly wacky. Maybe some players enjoy no-frills modes like Doubles and Inferno but I'd personally prefer a game type really different from the norm.

Destiny's next patch will bring changes to the Crucible as well. Bungie said in the past that they want to change how ammo "dictates the flow of the battle." Patch 1.1.2, which will also add new audio/visual options and expand player vaults, is expected to launch in the coming weeks. It will lay the groundwork for the next expansion, House of Wolves.
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