Some people love to hang on to every single word in every single sentence for every single thing said about some games. We call these people fanatics. These fanatics have been doing any and all that they can to latch onto any small tidbits of information regarding games that they can't live without like a swamp leech on an open wound.

Well, some of these information leeches have found out that there is an alpha test going on for the alpha build of Destiny. Bungie decided to come clean about what that means for everybody else.

Over on their official website, the former-Halo developers divulged the following bits of useful brain gastronomy, writing...
“The Destiny Alpha has only been made available to Bungie employees. What this means for you is that we're making great headway.”

It's not all embargos and NDA dialect that circulated the post, though. There's some very promising uses of optimistic diction and opportunity's of hope sprinkled throughout the page, including this little Tweet that E3 attendees will surely find delectable...

Oh, well doesn't that sound like a big bowl of future promise and a tall side-order of excitement.

This was further reiterated on the official Bungie page, where the developers posted the following confirmation of awesome for fans...
“At E3, attendees will be able to play our competitive multiplayer, putting their skills to the test in intense, skill-based arenas.”

Competitive multiplayer? Boy doesn't that sound exciting. I mean, a first-person shooter with just under 16 players going head-to-head in team deathmatch? That's novel enough to make games from 20 years ago scoff with indignation.

Anyway, if you don't mind playing the same thing that's been available since the original Doom from back in 1991, you'll be able to get some game-time in with Bungie's most expensive project ever... well, scratch that; Destiny is the most expensive game ever!

I have to be honest: nothing about this game excites me at all. It's even less exciting than the hundreds of articles counting and measuring the pixels of Watch Dogs in comparison to its E3 2012 build. In fact, I would rather measure the pixel to fanboy ratio between the resolutions of Ryse and Killzone: Shadow Fall than get excited for Destiny, and that's the sort of thing that could spawn autistic fanboy comments that would give an incurable form of cancer a corrosive tumor.

Anyway, you can look for Destiny to launch this fall exclusively for home consoles, sans Nintendo's systems. For more information (but not really) feel free to pay a visit to the official website.

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