Destiny Vault Of Glass' Final Boss Defeated In 17 Seconds

The six-man raid Vault of Glass is the hardest challenge in Destiny right now. However, a group of experienced players with great gear can make the Vault look easy.

A fireteam from Legendary Crew managed to complete their most recent hard mode Vault of Glass run with impressive speed. They beat Atheon, the final boss in the raid, in a mere 17 seconds. Is it possible to feel embarrassment for an A.I. opponent?

The team included three Sunsinger Warlocks and three Gunslinger Hunters. They were, obviously, armed to the teeth. Five of them were level 30, while the sixth was level 29 - which are major accomplishments in their own right. The "soft" level cap for Destiny is 20, with player progressing beyond that through earning better equipment.

Four of Legendary Crew's players were wielding Gjallarhorn, an exotic rocket launcher. This weapon, sold by the mysterious merchant Xûr, fires powerful missiles that then split into clusters of secondary rockets that home into their target. One of its upgrades allow players to carry more ammunition than normal. In other words, it's an ideal weapon for killing something real quick:

Bragging rights aren't the only incentive to killing raid bosses this quickly. Speed kills like this also make it easier to farm up gear. Killing hard mode Atheon can result in some fantastic rewards. In the 17-second kill, Atheon dropped the exotic weapons Vex Mythoclast and Hard Light. Hard Light is an auto rifle whose bullets go through enemies and also ricochet off walls. The Vex Mythoclast, scourge of Crucible matches, was nerfed by Bungie recently but is still a deadly and precise rifle.

I'm interested to see whether Bungie will tweak the Atheon encounter at all in light of this lightning-fast kill. After all, they did just remove an easy way to kill another Vault boss in the last patch. Well-geared and experienced players should have an easier time with raid encounters but the developers may deem this too easy.

Legendary Crew is an 18+ clan playing Destiny on Xbox One. On their YouTube video's comments, they describe themselves as "a group of adults who have been playing MMO's for many years and some of us have completed world first kills in MMO." They say that they'll choose one random subscriber from their YouTube channel per week and bring them along on a hard mode Vault of Glass run so they can get some experience and loot.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.