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Destiny's traveling merchant Xur was supposed to leave the Tower today. However, Bungie has decided to keep him around longer than usual.

Xur's longer-than-average stay is a response to the downtime both PlayStation and Xbox players have experienced since Christmas Eve.

"We understand that Xur has been hard to reach for a lot of you this weekend, so we’re going to extend his stay," said Bungie community manager David Dague on the company forums. "Our current plan is to allow him to remain in the Tower with his current inventory until Monday night at 10pm PST, just before the weekly reset. We’ll also keep an eye on the overall situation, and prolong the extension, as needed, for as long as is feasible."

Bungie says that Xur should return to his normal schedule next week.

"No solution will be perfect, but we want to give you another chance to reach him before his inventory refreshes," Dague added on Reddit.

The studio's trying to gauge the stability of the game through Twitter. The official Bungie Twitter account is asking players to share their experiences. If you're still having problems logging in, be sure to let them know.
Xur shows up in Destiny each weekend with a set of randomized wares to sell. It can be very frustrating to miss him, because you never know when he'll sell your desired item again. I'm glad Bungie is giving players more time to peruse Xur's wares in light of the server troubles.

PSN and Xbox Live were hit by DDoS attacks on Christmas Eve. This led millions of gamers unable to go online with their consoles. This made Destiny, an online-only game, completely unplayable. This was especially frustrating for gamers who received a new console for Christmas and have only Destiny in their library.

The attacks came to an abrupt end at the start of this weekend. Microsoft and Sony both report that their networks are back online. However, many PSN and Xbox Live users are still having trouble logging in. The huge amount of players logging in to finally play their consoles have made those services slow to recover. The lingering problems are why Bungie has taken a "wait and see" approach with extending Xur's stay.

The DDoS attacks also disrupted Bungie's plans to give away presents on Christmas Day. Those gifts - presumably Engrams - are still coming but won't arrive this month.

"Holiday gifts are scheduled for delivery in January. No one is missing out the Cryptarch's good cheer," Dague said on Friday.

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