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Poor PC gamers lately have been getting the shaft when it comes to multiplatform games. Oftentimes the PC version -- out of sheer laziness or in an attempt to spite pirates -- of a multiplatform game is riddled with game inhibiting bugs, glitches or compatibility issues. Well, Eidos is making sure that PC gamers can experience Deus Ex the way it was meant to be played with full DX11 support and a number of other niceties to ensure that PC gamers won’t be treated like the red-headed stepchild of the gaming community.

In an exclusive interview with GameSpy, PC gamers are reassured that Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a ‘game designed on PC for consoles and ported back to PC’ like so many other games that have come out this generation. Julien Bouvrais, director of technology at Eidos-Montreal stated in the interview that…
Obviously, while console versions of the game were part of the picture, PC was also a big focus. It was simply out of the question to do a straight port of the console version to PC, while being able to keep the essence of the adventure we experienced seven years before. With this in mind, we started exploring ways to best create the whole Deus Ex: Human Revolution project -- console and PC.

The game is being co-developed for PC by Nixxes, who is working out a lot of the kinks, cogs, bells and whistles for the PC version of Deus Ex. Bouvrais further commented that…
Nixxes developed a DX11 renderer that is used on the PC, when available. We did leverage this by adding several features you will see when you have DX11 hardware on your PC: real-time tessellation, improved Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, improved blurs and depth of field. We also added custom support for AMD's Eyefinity (multiple monitors), and 3DHD. On another note, the user interface has been tailored for the keyboard, and mouse controls can be fully customized for your gaming habits.

At least it sounds like Human Revolution wasn’t an afterthought for the PC crowd. It really does bother me when any port is a shoddy port (although I fear Battlefield 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360 may fit into this category when compared to the PC version). Still, with the huge surge of sales generated via e-tailers and digital distributors for PC games I’m glad some developers (and some publishers) are putting a little extra effort into the computer ports of multiplatform games.

You can check out the entire interview regarding Deus Ex: Human Revolution over at GameSpy.