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Capcom has plans to release two of their seventh-gen titles for the Xbox One and PS4. The highly controversial DmC from 2013 and Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, will both be available in 2015 for the home consoles.

Eurogamer is reporting that Capcom has plans to bring their two latest Devil May Cry titles to the Xbox One and PS4. Ninja Theory's title will come with a ton of new and upgraded features, including running at 1080p and 60 solid frames per second. The increased frame-rate will also play a part in the game's new Turbo Mode, which speeds the game up by 20%. This means that gamers get smoother playability, faster gameplay and no frame-skipping or frames being dropped in order to keep up with rendering the game to the latest frame.

It's also funny because Ninja Theory had previously defended their 30fps decision by claiming that the blur effect they added would compensate nicely for not being 60fps like previous entries in the series. Ninja Theory even went as far as to claim that Capcom was a little stuck in their ways with the series and that it needed some fresh life pumped into it.

Also, for those of you who hated the way the new Dante looks, there are several new skins being thrown in to give Dante a less unsavory aesthetic. In fact, one of the skins predominantly featured in the trailer is that of the white-haired, red-jacket wearing Dante. Yes, one of the skins for the new Dante is to look like the old Dante. Vergil will also get a skin to look more like his classic self as opposed to the one from Ninja Theory's title.

In addition to character skins, there will also be the inclusion of new weapon skins, too.

But regarding Vergil... he'll get to flex his skills in 60 brand new levels in Vergil's Bloody Palace mode. This also accompanies the new Must Style mode that requires players to hit a certain style rank before they can deal damage to an enemy. Now I know what you're thinking “It was way too easy hitting 'S' rank in the newest DmC”. This is true, it was extraordinarily easy to hit 'S' rank with a few hits in DmC, which is why the whole rank system has been tweaked to make it a lot harder to hit 'S'. Combos also fade faster unless you vigilantly maintain them and it requires more skill to actually reach the 'S' rank in general. You can get a glimpse of the action with the announcement trailer below.

As detailed in the trailer, there's also a Gods Must Die Difficulty mode where no health vials or items can be used. All the enemies in Gods Must Die will also have Devil Trigger activated, so it's a true test of skill.

Generally, the game itself has been made more difficult to appeal to the audience who made the series popular in the first place (and really, without your core audience it's practically impossible to turn a reboot into a massive success unless it finds broad appeal, which is something DmC failed to do). The team have extended the life of the enemies, made them take more life and made parrying more difficult to pull off.

You can look for the remastered edition of Devil May Cry for the Xbox One and PS4 on March 15th, 2015. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition will launch later in the summer.
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