Dexter: The Game Now Available For PC

Based on the iOS app of the same, Dexter: The Game brings all the crime-solving intensity from the Showtime original to the comfort of your keyboard and mouse on PC. Marc Ecko Entertainment announced that the game is currently available starting today for the budget price of $9.99.

Marc Fernandez, Executive Vice President of Marc Ecko Entertainment commented in the press release, saying…

“DEXTER The Game on the PC is the next step in what we hope will be a long line of DEXTER products,” …“Every time we release a new DEXTER game the fans continue to support us.”

The game even sports some voiceover work from the show’s star, Michael C. Hall, and a completely original storyline penned by the show’s writer, Tim Schlattmann. Gamers will investigate cases by day and commit atrocious crimes of justice at night by mutilating criminals. It’s like Batman meets SAW.

You can learn more about the TV show-based game by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.