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The Difference Between PS4 Demo Units Locking Up And Xbox One Hang-Ups

One of the videos bound to make the rounds and cause a stirring within the loins of the fanboy masses is a five minute clip featuring a PlayStation 4 demo station at Target that hangs... and hangs... and hangs. While the MDF might like to use this as fuel against the SDF ahead of the launch this week, saying that PS4 suffers from “overheating” issues as reported by Gameranx, the reality is that the instances of the PS4 hanging up are very different from the Xbox One.

So first of all, here is the footage of the PlayStation 4 hanging.

Bit of a fail, yeah?

All right, so before we do a common-sense breakdown of this seemingly non-issue – and why on Earth would I pass up an opportunity to make the job harder for reputation management? – here is the video of the Xbox One hanging up.

Now a lot of people will jump to the conclusion that the hang-ups are the same, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

The PS4's demo screen gets hung up trying to load a demo. It could have been a scratched disc, the unit could have been on all day, the controller could have died. Not really excuses, but explanations. The other thing about the PS4 lock-up is that the service rep never reboots the system and it's not captured on camera what happens when the unit is restarted. Instead, the guy doing the Fox-style filming just walks away before any additional details emerge. Great way to make a case, ace.

In the case of the Xbox One, we can see that a service representative is there and that opposite of the PlayStation 4 the Xbox One actually gets the reboot treatment multiple times through the 10 minute hang-up. Even after the reboot the Xbox fails to load like Seal has failed to churn out a hit since Val Kilmer was Batman.

Now the only caveat that falls in favor of the Xbox One is that we can only presuppose that the PlayStation 4 may not have readily worked after being rebooted. However, the opposite is also potentially true, given that the system may have functioned fine with a simple reboot. We can't know for sure because director of photography Dick Bush decided to walk away before the reboot took place.

Nevertheless, it's apparent that even with a soft boot the Xbox One still had OS issues and couldn't even get back to basic functionality; a hard boot didn't remedy the situation, either. You can almost see why Microsoft quickly stepped in and had the Xbox One users sign NDAs so they couldn't put up anymore early footage of the console.

As a completely unbiased, objective, non-fanboy who cuts the custard down the middle like Sean Hannity and Brent Bozell covering the Government shutdown, I would have to say the PS4's lock-up isn't as horrid as the Xbox One.

Case closed.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.