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Bethesda didn't disappoint at this year's E3. They completely went over and beyond to throw down all sorts of details and information about a lot of brand new games, from Doom to Fallout 4 to Dishonored 2.

The game itself is short on details, but the trailer actually reveals quite a bit. We get to see that there's a new way to get around town, which includes some sort of phantasmal grappling hook. This is an upgrade over the basic parkour featured in the original Dishonored.

For one thing, we learn that the game will have two protagonists. Corvo will return in his role and players will be able to choose to play as the new character Emily Caldwin. She's also been “dishonored” and appears to be seeking revenge with the help of the Outsider.

As the CG video showcases, you can utilize stealth to get around guards or other patrols, or you can go in killing everything in sight. The video offers a fine mixture of the two styles of play, showing Emily avoiding confrontations by using the rooftops to get around the city and to the target's location.

She encounters a bit of difficulty when two robots block her path from her target but using a bit of the arcane ways, she's able to slow down time and dispose of one of the robots while leading the other down a stairwell where she dispatches it with an electronic mine.

The segment showcases something that could be interesting in the full game: stages with movable parts. Emily is confronted with a Super Mario-style hallway that closes in and attempts to smash her to the floor (or the wall... or the ceiling). Using a bit of her powers she's able to zip through the encapsulating structure and get to her target. The trailer cuts off before we find out if she actually does him in or if he's able to sweet talk his way out of a one-way trip to death.

The original Dishonored was very much lauded for its take on the stealth-action genre, providing gamers with the ability to tackle scenarios how they saw fit. Arkane Studios has mentioned that for the Dishonored sequel they'll be approaching the game in the same way, enabling players to dissect, survey and execute actions within a mission that best suits their play-style.

And for those wondering, yes Dishonored 2 will still take place in an open-world. Players will be able to navigate through the city either through the streets or above the rim and across the rooftops. If you felt as if Assassin's Creed was getting a little too bogged down in gimmicks, maybe this new Dishonored title will satiate your thirst for something a bit more grounded in gameplay.

A specific release date was not set for Dishonored 2, but it is at least confirmed to arrive for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

We can expect to hear a little bit more about the game before E3 is done and over with, so don't completely take your eyes off Bethesda's latest first-person follow-up to one of the more praised stealth-action titles in recent times.
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