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Dishonored DLC Brigmore Witches Launching In August

Today Bethesda formally announced The Brigmore Witches, the next downloadable content for Dishonored. Brigmore Witches, teased yesterday with two images, will wrap up the storyline of the enigmatic assassin Daud.

Daud kicked off the main campaign in Dishonored by murdering Empress Jessamine. Players then spent a good chunk of the campaign hunting down Daud and his gang, the Whalers. However, as it turns out, he's not such a bad guy. Brigmore Witches and its preceding DLC, The Knife of Dunwall, tell his story.

"After discovering the identity and intentions of Delilah, the leader of the Brigmore Witch coven, you set out to disrupt her from completing a powerful ritual that will spell your doom," Bethesda says of the DLC. "Having already been betrayed by your lieutenant, Billie Lurk, you must rely on feuding gang factions—the Dead Eels and the Hatters—to negotiate your way through previously unseen districts of Dunwall en route to Delilah’s stronghold. Regardless of the way you reach your destination, one thing is for certain – you will finally answer for your treacherous actions and fall before the mercy, or punishment, of the Royal Bodyguard and Assassin, Corvo Attano."

From the sounds of things, the DLC will end with the fight between Corvo and Daud from the campaign (seen below). There's a couple big differences this time, though: you're playing as Daud and you're going to lose. Corvo will either kill you or spare you.

His decision will likely depend on your choices and Chaos level through Brigmore Witches. I'm guessing that High Chaos means Corvo's going to stab the crap out of you. If you completed Dunwall, your choices from that game can be imported over as well along with your equipment and ability upgrades.

The Brigmore Witches will hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on August 13th. PS3 gamers in Europe will have to wait until the following day, though. The content will cost $9.99 on all platforms.

Dishonored is still marked down by 66% on Steam. The discount applies to the DLC as well so you can pick up Knife of Dunwall for $3.39 instead of the usual $10.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.