Dishonored hasn't even received a solid release date yet but its developer, Arkane Studios, has stated they are 'open' to the continuation of the IP with potential sequels.

"The world is bigger than the game. Right now, we’re focused entirely on the game, we’re not thinking of anything else. But it’s definitely an open universe. We’d be open to sequels and other things," said the game's co-creative director, Raf Colantonio, at a recent preview event (via VG247).

Fellow co-creative director Harvey Smith added Dishonored is an 'ambitious' project but the developers are enjoying how it's being crafted.

"This was an ambitious project for us and we’re super thrilled with the way its turning out. We’re playing the game all the time and we’re just thrilled to have been part of it," said Smith. "And it’s not just the game mechanics, it’s the world itself. We really like the world it takes place in. It’s a difficult game to do because I think a lot of games are like a linear path with a trail of breadcrumbs left by the designer, but as soon as you as support multiple playstyles, multiple paths and multiple outcomes, it gets harder to develop."

"And on top of that when you’re making a new IP and you really don’t know what’s going on in the world like, ‘what’s their religion again, how do they get around, whats their industry, what are their coins called?’ You know, every other detail."

Smith also delved into why players will receive a fresh experience with the stealth, action-adventure title: "Dishonored is very different and it’s a very cohesive world. You play through and you get a sense you’re only touching 10% of what exists or something just because we elude to things that are outside the game in a cohesive way. So its been fun and its been the creation of an ambitious game and the creation of a new IP and those things are challenging."

A four-minute debut CGI trailer for Dishonored was released last week. The full game will launch on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC later this year.

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